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7 Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Many people agree outdoor learning is beneficial for children as it allows them to openly explore and nurture their mindsets. For those with special educational needs, the outdoors can be a place where they can express and hold onto sensory stimulation. As an alternative provision being surrounded by nature and wildlife is at the core of our values and plays a significant role within our day to day activities with SEN children.

1. Students who explore outdoor learning have improved learning abilities and are able to attentively use information better within school work.

2. Nature creates reduced anxieties, stresses and can help mood regulation and emotional stimulation.

3. With the use of technology all around us, many children have a significant reduced time outside and has had a causal effect on obesity, reduced academic abilities and psychological disorders.

4. Being outdoors children are able to be more physically active and the benefits which comes with that are explored, from elevated moods to increased mental wellbeing.

5. The great outdoors and something we pride ourselves on at Flourish At The Farm is the ability to create tailored motivated groups of students, who are happy to work together. This in turn allows them to improve on their social skills, cooperate and explore possibly beyond their comfort zones.

6. Vitamin D – the bright sunlight allows for increased vitamin D, something many children are lacking in, often due to technology.

7. Finally, one especially useful for those with SEN, the use of their senses. Being able to look around, smell a variety of smells, hear animals and touch many things, allows them to learn in the perfect environment.

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