Get to know your kids!

How well do you know your child's education traits? what makes them tick and what doesn't? Education in the home environment surrounded by comforts and temptation is very different to the formalities of British schooling. Trying to get a child to 'do their homework' is incredibly tough and can cause many problems. Think about how you can best understand and support your child throughout their ever evolving school life.

Things to consider:

1. What structure is in place at home? Sleep, work, eating etc....

2. How much quality time can you give your child?

3. How does your child perceive you when asking/ talking about homework or the school day? agitated? calm?

4. How well are they eating and fuelling their bodies? especially at the end of a busy day.

5. How many 'fun' activities do you do as a family?

6. Are your goals and dreams for your child in sync with theirs? what do they want to become?

7. Do you have a specific area to do homework, away from games, computers and many forms of temptation?

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