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Nature Vs Nurture

At the heart of our passion and values at The Farm as an alternative provision, outdoor learning is key for healthier and well-rounded students and in particular those with special educational needs (SEN).

Providing settings outside of the classroom, children benefit from the outdoors as it can relieve stresses and anxieties, develop social skills and it can motivate learning across the curriculum. By doing this, it can have an impact upon pupil’s engagement with learning, concentration and behavior.

By exploring outdoors, it allows those with SEN a feeling of ‘space’ as we know many students with ASD and Autism struggle with this within classrooms. Not only this, but it allowes for increased organic sensory stimulation, often recreated within classrooms, however can be of huge benefit for those with SEN and sensory regulatory issues.

Most importantly being outdoors is very inclusive and allows development and growth within children’s mindsets to increase. This is something very important to ourselves as an Alternative Provision, as we pride ourselves on supporting those with SEN in the great outdoors.

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