Party time!

Let the Flourish team host your child's celebrations alongside their friends at our prestigious venue, The Farm Stratford. We specialize in outdoor bushcraft parties, suitable for children aged 7-12 that are full of fun, energy and practical activity. Our parties can include a variety of elements, such as:

  • Shelter/Den building

  • Campfire creation, games and cooking

  • Scavenger hunts and exploration games

  • Specialist survival skills

  • Various survival games and challenges

Prices start from £375 for 12 children. All prices include food, all staffing and resources. £20 extra per child over the 12. Drop them off and let us take care of it all.

Birthday Cake
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For Schools

Flourish at The Farm are very proud of our links to local schools. We have designed a wide variety of outdoor learning, leadership and curriculum enrichment activities, bespoke to each school.

For KS2 we provide food related half days that support various topics as well as focus on team building and leadership days. We also run team bonding sessions for early KS3.


Our team also offer opportunities for groups of school children to attend our full or half term programmes (once a week sessions) that focus on a variety of social, health and well-being activities that help to improve mental health and access to the formal curriculum in a different way.  


Please do get in touch if you would like to visit us or create a partnership.

Children in the Garden
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As a team we work hard to make sure we keep learning whilst offering opportunities to help others benefit from the knowledge we have gathered over years of front line experience.


We want to share our expertise and help establishments to positively develop. From education wellness, outdoor education implementation in schools, to conservation and ecology. We offer energetic and informative talks to clients in all spheres.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Conference Event
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