Lead Educator, Specialist Tutor and Educational Consultant

Ben Kruze


After studying at both Lancaster and Warwick university, Ben continued his passion for education in the classroom where he has held a number of Lead positions. His extensive experience as a Head of Maths and Outdoor education, alongside becoming a 11/13+ specialist at two top Prep schools, has provided the platform to becoming a well respected Consultant and Specialist Tutor. His life long dedication to sport and health has further enhanced his passion for the outdoors and preserving the world around us. Ben's positive demeanour and strong desire to treat every child as an individual, alongside his fun practical teaching style has seen many students thrive and love learning. Member of SEC (Society of Education Consultants)

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Conservation Specialist and Lead Educator

James Robins

For the past 18 years James has worked, studied and travelled to five different continents. His passion for nature has driven him to successfully complete three top class degrees in conservation and environmental sciences. His education, working and life experiences have given him a clear understanding of the importance and value of nature and how it positively impacts our everyday lives. James is dedicated to enriching the lives of future generations through educating them in the benefits to conserving the natural world alongside helping them to be inspired by the outdoors.

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Specialist Educator, BSc/MSc Education Psychology

Catherine Bardell


Catherine has always had a passion for working with children. After studying a bachelor of science degree in psychology and English literature, Catherine had a keen interest in the psychology of learning and how children learn today. While studying, Catherine had several placements within special educational needs schools. Furthering her education and passion, Catherine studied a Masters in educational psychology and hopes to pursue a career as an educational psychologist in the future. Following her studies, Catherine worked in several schools helping to develop the skills of children with special educational needs, academically, physically and mentally. Catherine believes all children have the potential to succeed in any way they can. Outdoor learning is key and can help those who really struggle in a classroom. BPS – British psychological Society member


Performing Arts / LAMDA Specialist, Outdoor Educator and Coordinator of the Arts

Emily Myerscough

Emily has been teaching drama and performance technique to children of all ages for over 10 years. As an experienced classroom drama and LAMDA teacher, she has helped young people to build their communication and performance skills and boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Emily now runs a theatre workshop business called Green Room which specialises in providing performance workshops and event entertainment. They are now offering acting and performance workshops during the school holidays and term time as part of the Flourish at the Farm Team.

Survival and Bushcraft instructor. Outdoor Educator and Disability specialist

Mark Kirby

Five years ago Mark broke away from a 9-5 desk job, as a Finance Manager, to go into youth and disability work, and set up a survival and bushcraft company, Survival 24:7. He completed a Woodland Wayer (2 year diverse education programme in survival and bushcraft skills, with Woodland Ways), various qualifications in youth work, autism and learning disabilities, as a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant and as an archery instructor, with Archery GB. 


He has been involved in leading outdoor education for an international Scouting jamboree, ILEAP and other disability groups, youth groups, private groups and now with Flourish at The Farm. Mark believes survival is a mindset where we "adapt our circumstances to transform our environment" (we all do this everyday without knowing it!) and uses this to encourage people to think outside their comfort zones, develop skills and be equipped, no matter their challenges, to re-imagine and be enabled to achieve, surviving 24:7! 


Flourish at The Farm,

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Stratford upon-Avon, CV37 0QA