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Enriching children’s lives through practical learning and outdoor activities

Flourish at the Farm is a high-quality team of trained teachers, educators and specialists. We design and deliver 1:1 bespoke, exciting and enjoyable education programmes to children with additional needs. We focus on three key area:

  • Reintegration of pupils back into a school setting

  • Transitions - Supporting students with SEN moving from one education setting to another.

  • Curriculum enhancement - Supporting pupils with additional needs


We work with children in both Primary and Secondary education. We are delighted to also recently launch our new post 16 offering. 

We offer unique outdoor and indoor learning environments for children to explore, gain new experiences and connect with nature.

We pride ourselves on promoting a love of learning as well as an appreciation of the outdoors.

Our team consists of experienced Education Specialists in a wide variety of areas including all core subjects, the Arts and Outdoor Education. We also involve professionals from fields such as conservation, nutrition, sports, survival skills and music, which all help to build children’s resilience.

We aim to support and inspire future generations, whilst developing their understanding of health and well-being. We are passionate about all we deliver and promote alongside the positive relationships we build.


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